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Once Upon a Time...

The first years of life are decisive for the full development of human beings. However, the lack of day-care centers and public schools catering for 0 to 6 years olds is a serious problem in urban centers, especially in the outer surburbs such as Itapevi, located in the Greater São Paulo region.  
The challenge of ensuring a sound educational background for the young children of the Monte Serrat neighborhood, has led the Apecatu Association to create a school with a difference, aiming to increase their future opportunities as adults and citizens.
Thus, in 2000, on this basis, the Apecatu School was founded.

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Special Customers

We have waiting lists for vacancies. The Apecatu School provides pre-school education to more than 100 children from the ages of 4 to 6. 

Parents also teach and learn. Everyone is required to attend school meetings, which is considered as a program for the whole family.

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