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Wow, I miss my time in Apecatu, I miss that cozy place where I learned many things, one of them was the value of friendship, the school where we make the first friends, we learned to do several super cool activities, that I miss ... to go back in time, to live a day at Apecatu again, whenever I remember this time comes good feelings! I miss the garden, the animals, the time to play with modeling clay, the attention of the teachers, the playground ... Without a doubt it was one of the most enjoyable stages I have ever experienced, and I think every child deserves a school like that, that shows the value of little things! Thank you Apecatu team for this beautiful project, that it never has an end.

Joyce Damascena - Former Student

So many years have passed, so many things, so many new things, and those moments that I experienced at APECATU remain unforgettable. Even as a child, I cherish every moment, my little family, all-learning to learn the meaning of life, knowing what the future waiting.
Today, 14 years later I had the opportunity to step on the same grass that I already ran, I passed the swing that took my breath away during class breaks, I passed the room where I was anxiously watching the films still on tape K7 (long time, right kkk). It's amazing how time goes by, right.
Hey ...
I get emocional when I see how much time has passed and the feeling remains the same, it's very clear the memories I had, when I was very nervous and even sulky when for some reason I didn't have class, hey ...
And how comforting it was to come through the little gate and run to school, so many memories are hard to write. Today I already go to college, I'm becoming an adult (it's a shame I can't go back and live that again, hahaha) I'm a Civil Engineering student, I graduated from technical school and even with so much in mind, so many responsibilities, whenever I have my moments of reflection, I move to that small place where even at 5 or 6 were we were the APECATU giants.
Caio Henrique - Former Student

Today at the age of 18 about to embark on a new stage of life comes the memory of everyone who was part of my childhood and surely one of the best moments I had spent in this institution where for 2 years I studied and now ready to go to college Come the memories I'll never forget and friends I've kept to this day. I just have to thank ... Ah, I can not fail to mention a few people in particular Dona Stella, her husband and daughter ... thank you!
Matheus Menezes - Former Student


Hello, I don't know who will receive this message, but I wish Mr. Rudi could read.


Mr. Rudi, first of all thank you very much for introducing me to art education when I had no idea that the things I saw and learned from you would be a constant in my life. I was 9 years old studying at the School-Sisters, I remember to this day when I went along with some friends to your house and we saw that bunch of pencils, colors, pictures ... oh Mr. Rudi was one of those moments that make a difference in the life of a child. 

I remember you and your partner if I'm not mistaken, showing us your pans all organized in a room, there was something related to bamboos, you started talking about what I know today is about sustainability. The times we went to TV Cultura, our animation The Queen of Trash ... the restaurant we went to, we those embarrassed kids not knowing what to do in an environment so different from our reality at the time. 

Mr. Rudi thank you so much for showing a little bit of the world that to a 9 year old girl looked huge. I became a history teacher, I practiced my profession for 10 years, the first years I worked at the home foundation, then state of São Paulo and São Paulo City Hall and used art throughout my career. I'm still trying to figure out how huge this big world is, backpack always, I'm in Ireland today. I work as a caregiver in a nursing home and I do my post in Art Therapy because now I want to use Art in my work with people with special needs.

Mr. Rudi, I does not have much, but tell me how I can help, in my reality I will do my best to give back to the world what I was offered.

Karine Aleixo Bourke - Former Student


This Apecatu School, is simply fantastic, it leaves a great mark of learning and all the best in every student that passes by, the life of each child, who had the great privilege, to be in this school and their parents, to accompany closely everything that is taught, every detail, makes a difference, not only in the lives of the children, but also in the parents, may God bless each day this wonderful school and all its professionals, who are lovingly caring dedicated to each student, Congratulations Apecatu School!

Juliana Rigoni - Mother


It is a school that has left marks on many children who are already graduating, others studying. I asked my daughter what she liked most about this school, she said it helped her a lot and that the affection that everyone had with her was the basis for her to face other schools. She said, they put her on a bed when she slept at school and allso she said, she miss the school so much.

Regiane Gonçalves - Mother


I wanted to be a kid back to study at this school. I'm glad my son is experiencing all this ... Thank you Apecatu !!

Aline Esposito - Mother


A school that is a gift to our lives.


May God bless you and make the early childhood of thousands of children unforgettable as you pass the beautiful Apecatu school.

Marlene Alves - Mother


Wonderful school, my daughter loved her.

Camila Dias - Mother


The best school my son studied. Congratulations to all of you are an example. I miss Apecatu School.

Marce Oliveira - Mother


How my kids loved studying at this school !!!

Cátia Alcaras - Mother


My son loved this school.

Thaaynáa Silva - Mother


Nandinha loves Apecatu.

Regina Rosemary - Mother


My son learned a lot there he did pre 1 and 2.

Cibeli Fernando - Mother


Congratulations to all of you thank you for the affection and dedication. Me and my little one will miss you.

Tatiana de Almeida Melo - Mother


My God, in such a violent world with so much tragedy I come across people as loving as you, concerned about your neighbor. May God pour many blessings upon all of you who work and care there.

Noble Nivea - Mother


I miss the time when my baby was studying in this paradise .... congratulations to all for the beautiful work that you develop with all love and affection ...

Cellina Fellipe - Mother


Apecatu is a model school. I am so grateful for the treatment and respect my grandchildren had at this school. Congratulations.

Eleni Souza - Grandmother


Wonderful school we will miss.

Marce Oliveira - Mother


Very good, the best childhood of my daughter.

The best school and choice of mothers.

Luana Araújo - Mother


Congratulations to Apecatu for providing our children with education and joy.

Gustavo Cantil de Almeida - Father


Dear ones from Apecatu School, I loved being with you. What a beautiful, harmonious school, thank you all for your receptivity and welcome. 

I think there is no health without education and there is no education without health !!!

Kelly Muniz - Dentist - Mobile Dental Unit at School



Today the values are a little inverted that, when we have the natural, we feel like to thank. And I appreciate it anyway. Gratitude.

Aline Martins - Mother


I miss this school, I loved the two years my prince spent there.

Day Castro - Mother

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